How to Deal with Angry Girlfriend?

How to Deal with Angry Girlfriend? Pixels

Let’s admit that your angry girlfriend is the most terrifying monster in the world. They scream. They blame. They use their finger pointing to you, treating you like trash on the floor. And you can only sit alone in a corner and pray for things to end magically.

But at the end of the day, you still love her. So instead of walking away from the room, you need to find a way to handle this situation. How should we handle an angry girlfriend?

Let her finish first

The very first tip is you need to let her finish her words. A woman needs to let all her emotions out by speaking, screaming, crying. Never rush to comfort her at first — we would not appreciate that.

We woman needs to handle bad things by talking to someone, writing down somewhere, or doing something to vent out the negative emotion. Disturbing us from this process would catch yourself into the fire.

Let her finish first. Pixels
Let her finish first. Pixels

Please, stay where you are and listen. Show your patience and empathy by nodding. So, we know you are in the present with us and care about it.

Stay calm

It can be very tempting to fight fire with fire, especially if nasty words are exchanged. Refrain from going toe to toe with your angry partner, no matter how provoked you get.

Here’s the thing: it’s hard to take back the hurtful things you say in the middle of an argument. You guys can patch things up, but it won’t be easy to heal the pain in the aftermath.

Stay calm. Pixels
Stay calm. Pixels

As much as possible, stay calm while your girlfriend is upset so you don’t end up making things worse. Keep a level head and don’t let the emotions overwhelm you. A logical approach can be very valuable in situations like these.

Don’t get defensive

So, your girlfriend is mad at you. What’s your first instinct? For a lot of guys, the immediate option is to go on the defensive.

They find a myriad reasons to explain that they didn’t do anything wrong, even if they don’t know what the root cause of the argument is yet. They just want to maintain a defensive position to protect themselves from blame.

Don’t get defensive. Pixels
Don’t get defensive. Pixels

The problem is that going on the defensive means nothing gets resolved. When you’re too busy defending yourself, you don’t hear the real reason your girlfriend is upset and you won’t be able to work through the issue.

Talk to her

If you have no clue because your girlfriend is mad, then keep your ego aside and do the first thing – go talk to her. At least, you’ll get to know the reason behind her anger. If the fault is yours, then it is best to apologize. Trust me, you’ll make her smile just by saying ‘sorry.’ And if you have done nothing wrong, then just be humble and try to find the solution for her problem that has taken away her peace of mind.

Apologize to her. Pixels
Apologize to her. Pixels


Apologize to angry girlfriend

Saying “I’m sorry” is always a good place to start. It may not seem like a big deal, but it is. And not just a perfunctory “I’m sorry”—actually take the time to reflect on what you did wrong and communicate that to your partner.

Not only will this make her feel heard and understood, but it’ll also help you understand where you went wrong so you can avoid making the same mistake again. Plus, it shows that you care about her feelings and want to work on your relationship together.

Talk to her. Pixels
Talk to her. Pixels

Whether or not she accepts your apology as soon as you say it, what matters is that you did. It may not fix everything, but it’s a good way to show that you’re willing to take responsibility for your mistakes.


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