News is for inspiration. Credit: PixelsNews is for inspiration. Credit: Pixels

News is one of the most important things in most people’s lives. No matter what you do for a living, chances are you’re engaged with the news at some level on a daily basis. On most days of the week, something is happening on a local, regional, national or global scale that merits headline coverage. For a lot of people, the first question that comes to mind each morning is, “What are the latest news headlines?”

Whether a particular news item is exciting and uplifting, tragic and scary, or sensationalistic and trivial, it’s likely to be a topic of conversation at some point in the hours and days ahead between you and your friends, family and work colleagues, as well as random strangers at grocery stores and coffee shops.

People get their news these days from a variety of sources, including television, radio, magazines and the Internet. However, newspapers remain the most time-honored medium through which news is delivered to people of all ages throughout the country. More than half of the world’s adults read a paper each day.

News is slows down aging. Credit: Pixels
News is slows down aging. Credit: Pixels

The Benefits of Reading a Newspaper

The uses of newspaper reading are numerous. For starters, a well-rounded paper provides coverage of global and local news, weather forecasts and a whole host of entertainment and sports topics. Additionally, newspapers can keep you informed of nearby store openings, sales and job opportunities.

Nearly 90 percent of Americans say they prefer to get their news straight from a reliable source such as a newspaper rather than hearing it from friends online or through other sources. Newer media come and go, but the format of newspapers has held strong throughout the decades thanks to the following features.

News is for entertainment. Credit: Pixels
News is for entertainment. Credit: Pixels

News slows down aging

Studies have also suggested that seniors who read news have a 17 percent lesser chance of developing Alzheimer’s. When you read news, it often triggers some responses, including memories and strong emotions from the brain. Any mental stimulation can slow down the aging brain. Anytime you learn something new, it helps the brain.

News for inspiration

Newspapers are my daily source of inspiration. I learn to be resilient when I read about someone who bounced back from extreme adversity. When hearing of misfortunes, I remind myself to give back and to support other human beings.

Newspapers are rich sources of creativity. I copy other people’s ideas, modify them, and add my personal touches. When I read about others’ mistakes, I gain new knowledge and tips not only for my business, but solutions for friends and myself.

The Benefits of reading a newspaper. Credit: Pixels
The Benefits of reading a newspaper. Credit: Pixels

News for entertainment

Many news stories entertain me. I enjoy reading soft news — finding out things to do and how to connect with remarkable people and events. It’s delightful to read about people I know, what they do, and how they get to where they are. I am thrilled and proud of their achievements.





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