travel is necessary for our mental and other field. credit to pixelsTravel is necessary for our mental and other field. credit to pixels

Traveling is a very crucial part of life as it is the best way to get out of the busy schedule. It is also to experience life in different ways. Traveling is actually a good remedy for stress, anxiety and depression.

It also improves the mental and physical health. We only have one life and we should thank it for making us more advanced creature on this planet. Not only do we get to experience the beauty of nature, different geographies, topographies, and people. Traveling is all about exploring new places, cultures, cuisines, rituals and styles of living.

small world meaning for travel. Credit: Pixels
small world meaning for travel. Credit: Pixels

We want to travel because distance and difference are the secret toxic of learning and creativity which one cannot observe by sitting at home. Traveling in itself has advantages, as it makes one forget his or her worries, problems, frustrations and fears.

This helps by broadening your horizon to move in new directions, unplugging from the pulls and pushes of daily life. We have a passport to fill full of stamps rather than to have a house full of stuff. Let’s use this to make memories all over the world.

Below are the 3 reasons why you should travel?

Challenging yourself

You might feel like you’re stuck in a rut in your daily life. Or you’re yearning for something exciting and different. You’re craving new experiences and new challenges. Travel is the ideal place to test yourself. It pushes people to their limits and gets them outside their comfort zone. You’ll discover how resourceful you are when you’re exposed to new places, people and experiences.

Maybe it’s finding your way around a busy city. Or ordering a meal when you don’t speak the language. Or zip-lining. You’ll feel pride when you finish your trip successfully. Overcoming challenges will bring you joy and energy for future tests. You’ll realize how capable you are and build your confidence.

A girl and her suitcase to travel abroad. Credit: Pixels
A girl and her suitcase to travel abroad. Credit: Pixels

The discovery of new cuisines

Traveling gives the perfect opportunity to try out new,exciting and authentic delicacies from different parts of the world. Introducing you to unique flavors which you have neither tasted nor heard off and leaving you startled. Traveling without experiencing the local food is not complete in anyway. We all love traveling, leaving our comfort zone, sightseeing, meeting new people and creating endless number of unforgettable memories. Yet, the best part of all is the food. Traveling provides you with a wide range of authentic flavor that you would be missing out if you did not travel to different corners of the world.

Travel means adventure

Zip-lining over the jungle canopy in Peru, successfully navigating the maze-like streets of Venice, bartering for the best price in the traditional markets of Marrakech, taking a speedboat ride in New Zealand, or hopping in a Land Rover and heading out to watch animals grazing in Tanzania: these are adventures worth having. People are hardwired for the excitement of adventure and travel may just be the best way to tap into it.



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