Demon Slayer. Credit: PixelsDemon Slayer. Credit: Pixels

If you were wondering, why should you even watch anime or give it a try in the first place then you have come to the right spot. Apart from the masses who already watch and admire anime shows, there are some people who never really stuck to it.

We all grew up watching some kind of cartoons in our childhood but it is hard for an older audience to continue that. Many may have gone years without watching an animated film but it’s proven that anime can do better than other sources of entertainment.


Comics are the source material for live-action superhero films and tv series which are ruling the world box-office these days. Similarly, the comics of Japanese anime are called Manga.

The majority of these anime films or shows are taken right from the pages of Manga just as the Comic Books of the western world.

demon slayer season 4. Credit: Pixels
Demon slayer season 4. Credit: Pixels

But in reality, there will be some complications in producing a live-action movie as it can easily deviate from the source. So, the studios end up making changes that may turn out good or bad.

In Anime, there is no such trouble for the creators. The actual story is told without any major changes from the source material which is much better in every way.

Amazing Action

This possibly is one of the best answers to the question of why you should start watching anime?

What’s better than some kick-ass action to start your day with ?

Animes are known for brilliant, brutal, lengthy fight sequences. For instance, The Dragonball or Naruto contains hours of nonstop brawling and leveling up as the whole series sets up the tone for the final act.

Thanks to the talented men and women behind who work really hard to bring such eye-pleasing action from the Manga pages. Even if you don’t like the whole pack, The actions episodes are a must-watch for the general audience.

Come on, who doesn’t love satisfying high octane action. One can watch anime just for the action sequences they deliver onto the screen.

HunterxHunter. Credit: Pixels
HunterxHunter. Credit: Pixels

Anime characters are hot

Most people find Characters hot, both in the case of Males and Females; their eyes are super catching, and their styles are no less than the real human characters.

Female characters look very hot and super attractive. Even the female audience feels the same for the male anime characters. If you are a female audience, you can relate to it well.

If you watch any series where you find characters attractive, then anime is the best choice for you. The main reason to mention this point is that it proves that anime is not only for a younger audience. An ADULT audience can also watch it, so many animes are made for adults.

naruto. Credit: Pixels
naruto. Credit: Pixels

Anime stories are insane

If you are searching for a series that follows a fantastic storyline and gets bored with typical Bollywood and Hollywood movies or web series, then anime is for you.

Anime storylines are unique and create suspense and excitement; very few anime can be counted on fingers with bad stories.

There is a special Anime series named Death Note, which will play with your emotions and mind, where you will be bound to praise the series and might also start searching for Anime series in the same genre, just like me.

one piece. Credit: Pixels
one piece. Credit: Pixels

Anime gives life lessons

Anime is something you can connect with your life and learn from and grow with it. There are things where your parents might have failed to teach you about the reality of LIFE, but here anime comes into play which can fill up those voids and successfully delivers the fundamental blueprint of life and teach you the reality of life.

I recommend you to watch Naruto. I can bet it will change your life. If you want motivation, are heated hard at the bottom of your life, are planning to give up on your dreams, and want to learn the reality of LIFE, then this show is the one for you.

It has changed millions life, and the protagonist has become the hero of many. It’s the main reason why you should watch anime.

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