Why Do You Need MacBook for Work?

Macbook has incredible performance with apple silicon chips

While the PC vs. Mac computer battle has cooled down, entrepreneurs looking to choose a camp may still wonder whether MacBook models are worth the upfront investment.

With Apple’s stellar reputation for building beautiful and easy-to-use devices, it’s not hard to understand why end users love their MacBooks. Mac computers are easy to use, privacy-forward, and secure. These superlative qualities are also enjoyed by IT teams that support Apple devices, especially for those working in a blended environment, where Mac computers and Windows PCs are welcome and supported.

If your IT team is not yet fluent in Mac, it may be time to learn about the benefits of supporting Apple devices in your environment. Here are six reasons why business leaders still choose Mac computers for their business needs.

Macbook is more security
Macbook is more security

The MacBook Computer User Experience

In addition to an intuitive user experience, Mac computers are known for their reliability. A recent study by Forrester found that Mac users lose less time lost to IT issues than PC users, resulting in 48 hours of increased productivity per employee over three years. That’s no small gain.

Apple devices are also famously easy for IT teams to navigate. From initial provisioning to an employee’s departure, Mac computers can save your support team time and money. It takes an IT employee 5 minutes to set up a Mac for provisioning, as opposed to 60 minutes for a PC. It takes even less time to remotely lock a missing device or put it in lost mode should something go awry.

Macbook no need for upgrades
Macbook no need for upgrades

Macs Are a Long-Lasting Investment

In terms of both hardware and software, Macs are a long-lasting investment. As a business, you would rather not rack up frequent spending, would you? It is also inconvenient to keep upgrading your IT infrastructure now and then.

Therefore, you need a set of devices that work flawlessly for years, if not a decade. More importantly, these devices should also have reliable software support, and it is incredibly easy to update macOS. So, Macs check both these boxes.

Hence, from an investment standpoint, it makes more sense to spend (a little more) on Macs than on PCs. The additional amount you pay upfront can save you thousands of dollars you may otherwise spend in the following years.

Macs are a long-lasting investment
Macs are a long-lasting investment

Incredible Performance With Apple Silicon Chips

Apple has really outdone PC manufacturers with the introduction of Apple silicon chips. The line-up started with the M1 chip, but we have seen incredible performance improvement with the M2 Pro and M2 Max variants. More importantly, the performance of M1 chips is sufficient for most users.

So, as a business owner, using an Apple silicon-powered Mac surely translates to reliable performance. It makes more sense to do so if your workforce uses Apple’s apps like Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro X, or even the iWork suite.

However, you have to make sure that your Macs have ample storage space and unified memory. As you may know, modern Macs are not user upgradable. So, you will be stuck with whatever you configure in the first place.

Macs require minimal maintenance
Macs require minimal maintenance

Macs Require Minimal Maintenance

IT maintenance can be a hurdle even if you run a small or medium business. You may have to spend plenty of resources to keep the infrastructure up to date. But, when compared to Windows or Linux-based PCs, Macs require minimal maintenance and offer several advantages.

Firstly, it means your company does not have to spend thousands of dollars annually. It’s also beneficial that macOS updates are free. And secondly, you can reduce the frequency of disruptions in the workflow. As a result, you can expect streamlined productivity.

Nevertheless, you should remember that Macs are not completely free from junk files. So, you must take steps to ensure that you use cleaning and optimization apps for your Mac to leverage maximum performance.

More security

Not to say that macOS is infallible, but it is definitely more secure than its Windows counterpart. There is less malware out there, comparatively speaking. And it’s less prone to security and data breaches. Again, please don’t read this as if it won’t ever happen, but it’s much less likely to happen on your Apple devices.

The Mac computer user experience
The Mac computer user experience

No need for upgrades

With Apple switching over to their own processors, the M1 chips and beyond are now proving to be powerful enough for most business needs. When Macs came with Intel processors — or maybe what you’re familiar with still on Windows machines — you’d need to max out their RAM and processor speeds to make sure it could keep up. This new silicon is not just leveling the field but also giving Macs a huge advantage. Now, you’re saving money not having to get the best of the best — because the entry-level Mac is already there.

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