Why Thailand Could Attract More Tourist?. PixelsWhy Thailand Could Attract More Tourist?. Pixels

Thailand is one bucket-list tourist destination for so many travel enthusiasts. The Land of Smiles is known to attract millions of people each year, and it holds a special place for different reasons. When deciding on your next vacation trip, you may wonder why Thailand is attractive to tourists worldwide.

There is so much to look forward to when visiting this beautiful country, whether you see the bustling cities or the hundreds of islands. Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket are some of the most popular places you should visit. Pattaya is one place that you can consider visiting as you will get to explore and enjoy the different parts of the country.

To convince you, here are seven reasons why Thailand is attractive and what you can look forward to on your visit.

The sunshine in Thailand

The best time to visit Thailand is November to February, although this kingdom has high temperatures and beautiful sunshine pretty much all year round. Even during the wet season, the showers don’t last long and you’re soon back out on the beach, so it really is an all-year-round option.

The sunshine in Thailand. Pixels
The sunshine in Thailand. Pixels

The easy travel

Aside from how easy it is to get to other countries, it’s also really easy to travel within Thailand. You don’t have to choose between the beaches and jungles, wildlife and water activities. You can easily put together a trip incorporating it all.

That’s because there’s incredibly cheap buses ferrying you between places like Bangkok and Phuket, and flights that are still really affordable.

The easy travel. Pixels
The easy travel. Pixels

Even if you’ve only got a few weeks, you can definitely pack in the likes of the north’s Chiang Mai, the south’s Ko Lanta and central Bangkok no problem.

China’s pivotal role in driving growth in Thailand’s tourism industry

Thailand’s tourism sector is a significant driver of economic growth, contributing approximately 18% to the country’s GDP. However, the industry faced unprecedented challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Before the pandemic, it accounted for over 17% of current account receipts and employed 20% of the population.

And Chinese tourists have historically made up for the lion’s share of international arrivals in Thailand. In 2019, they comprised an impressive 28% of all international tourists, totalling 11 million visitors and generating a substantial 530 bn baht ($14.82 bn) in revenue.

China’s pivotal role in driving growth in Thailand’s tourism industry. Pixels
China’s pivotal role in driving growth in Thailand’s tourism industry. Pixels

Fast forward to the first eight months of 2023, and approximately 2.1 million Chinese tourists have visited the country, constituting around 11.73% of the total international tourist arrivals during this period.

Visa requirements lifted

In a bid to attract more international tourists and boost its tourism industry, Thailand has taken a significant step by deciding to temporarily lift visa requirements for travellers from China and Kazakhstan.

Visa requirements lifted. Pixels
Visa requirements lifted. Pixels

At a cabinet meeting on September 13, 2023, the Thai government greenlit the implementation of the ‘Visa Free’ policy. This policy will grant Chinese and Kazakh tourists’ entry to Thailand, commencing on September 25 and extending through the end of February 2024.


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