Four Reasons Why You Should Try a New Thing?. PixelsFour Reasons Why You Should Try a New Thing?. Pixels

Trying new things not only helps us to vanquish those fears, but it also allows us to expand our minds and learn—both about said new thing, and about ourselves. And then there’s the rush. There’s nothing quite like—or as memorable as—the thrill of a new experience.

Human beings are born curious—a trait that we somehow lose as the burdens of responsibility weigh heavily on our shoulders. Trying new things is paramount to being a successful person, building a complete human—one that you will be proud of. So, when was the last time you did something for the first time? Coordination is okay. After all, nobody wants to be a mess. But there is fun in messiness. Sometimes, it pays to scatter just to see if you are capable of fixing it back together.

Life and longevity are two gifts we can control how well we use them. Believe it or not, the more new and fun things you do, the more fulfilling and satisfying your life becomes. People who seek out new terrains and activities are happier, positive, alive, and healthier.

Step out of your comfy box and introduce something new every day. The standard is monotonous and outdated. If you are not the type of person open to drastic changes in your life, take it one step at a time. Nobody is forcing you to eat Chinese. You can start with noodles cooked in your style with a little soy sauce and lemongrass.

Try new things to gain new talents and skills

When you try something new, you’re likely to learn a new skill because of it. Even if you only try that new thing once, you’ll likely be using skills that you haven’t focused on practicing before. And although these new skills might not be needed for your specific profession, you may find ways to apply them and expand your creativity.

Gain New Talents and Skills. Pixels
Gain New Talents and Skills. Pixels

Meet new people and network

Whatever new activity you try, you’ll probably be able to make new friends and add valuable people to your network. You never know when you might be grateful to know someone active in another profession or hobby. Plus, one day, others might be grateful to know you and ask for your expertise!

Meet New People and Network. Pixels
Meet New People and Network. Pixels

Good for your well-being

Trying new things is actually good for your well-being. A number of studies have linked happiness with a love of new experiences or neophilia as it is called. Research shows that seeking out new experiences keeps you healthy and happy. It does seem to be clear on exactly why this is the case, but if you seek to try new things you are more likely to be happier and live a healthier life than those who are fearful of trying new things.

It has also been found in one study that a fear of trying new things predicted an earlier death in rats. Scientists were able to find that young rats who were more fearful of new experiences, grew into more fearful adult rats who then died earlier than their new-experience loving siblings. While this is a very simple overview of that study, it was hypothesized that the same may be true in humans. Behavior and longevity seem to have a strong connection.

Good for your well-being. Pixels
Good for your well-being. Pixels

So not only are you happier if you are willing to try new things, you may live longer. Maybe it is because these new experiences trigger some sort of endorphins or other happy chemicals in your brain. Maybe the thrill of something new boosts our serotonin levels. Maybe learning or trying new things fulfills something our brain needs and in turn that makes our brain and our body happy. Whatever it is, it is pretty amazing stuff.

Learn new and interesting things

The most obvious reason you should try new things is because it allows you to learn something new and interesting. Learning new things keeps your mind engaged. Keeping your mind engaged and active helps you handle challenges and solve problems. Learning is also just plain exciting and can be rewarding too. There is something really cool about learning a new skill or learning about something you didn’t know about before. Imagine learning a language or learning how to make a new kind of food. How awesome would that be?

Learn new and interesting things. Pixels
Learn new and interesting things. Pixels

When you try new things, you also expand your skills. Depending on the skills you learn, you could be more marketable when you are looking for a new job. Other things could simply make your life easier. Or maybe you learn some new things and realize how useful you are in all kinds of situations. And that can help make you feel happy and more mentally healthy.


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