How to Deal with Cold Weather?។ PixelsHow to Deal with Cold Weather?។ Pixels

Cold weather can affect your health and the pain you feel. It can affect anyone, but people living with a terminal illness are especially vulnerable to the effects of the cold. It’s important to know how to stay warm, both for you and your loved ones. So use this blog for some tips on how to fight cold weather.

When the weather gets cold, you and your loved ones can use the following suggestions on how to keep warm in winter.

Layer up

Wearing lots of layers, rather than one thick piece of clothing, is a smart way to keep warm in winter. Base layers such as thermal vests or long sleeve tops are fairly inexpensive and can work well to trap heat. Keep a look out for clothing made from wool, cotton or fleecy fabric.

One reader, Irene Horsburgh, said: “Layer your clothes, even inside. Get a good warm pair of slippers and wear socks with them.”

“Make sure you change your duvet and blankets to winter ones and that your pyjamas are warm,” added another reader.

Layer up. Pixels
Layer up. Pixels

Keep draughts out and heat in

Try and block any areas in your home that are particularly draughty, including around window frames, keyholes and under doors.

Keep your curtains open in the day to let light and warmth in, and draw them before it gets dark to avoid losing heat.

Keep draughts out and heat in. Pixels
Keep draughts out and heat in. Pixels

Alcohol Decreases Core Temperatures

Although alcoholic beverages might make you feel warm, they actually decrease your core temperature and can be dangerous during winter months.

Alcohol decreases core temperatures. Pixels
Alcohol decreases core temperatures. Pixels

According to The New York Times and a study by Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, alcohol reverses some reflexes that control body temperature, especially the body’s ability to shiver. Alcohol can also make you sweat, even when it is cold, which can lower core temperatures even more.

Keep Your Toes Toasty

Hypothermia is most likely to begin in extremities like your hands and feet, so keeping your toes warm is important. Whether you’re walking to work or just around the block, make sure to wear sturdy, insulated shoes that will help prevent slips on slick surfaces and keep your feet dry.

Keep your toes toasty. Pixels
Keep your toes toasty. Pixels

Looking for a pair? Try a good pair of hiking books or, for the fashionista, this article from Glamour offers boots that are cozy and cute. Also, consider wearing an extra pair of socks

Dress well to protect from cold weather

You should always remember to wrap up warm and put on a good coat, scarf and gloves when you leave the house. You lose a lot of heat through your head so remember to wear a hat or headscarf. Also to stay warm in-doors wear several layers of thin clothes, to trap the heat, and slippers.

Dress well. Pixels
Dress well. Pixels

Eat well

Food is a vital source of warmth, so try to have regular hot meals and drinks throughout the day and remember to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. In the winter months this will help ward off any illnesses.

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